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Uw Waukesha Course On Wellness


UW Waukesha Continuing Education introduces new wellness course to curriculum Students learn what making healthy choices really means and how to prevent disease.

The University of Wisconsin Waukesha’s Continuing Education Department will be offering a six-week course on restoring and maintaining personal health. “Achieving Wellness” will be taught Dr. Arthur Rapkin, owner and acupuncturist at Vitality Health and Wellness, and will be the first class of its kind provided by the university. Classes will be on Mondays at 6:30 P.M. beginning February 20th through March 26th and will run an hour in length.

This comprehensive course will cover a different wellness-related topic each week with subjects ranging from health myths, how stress affects overall health, weight loss, and reversing disease and chronic pain. By the end of the course participants will have a better understanding of how the body responds to the stresses of modern life and what can be done to keep it functioning optimally.

“My goal is to teach people how to make healthy living choices to support their health and wellbeing so illness and disease symptoms never have the chance actuate,” Dr. Rapkin said.

“Plant, nourish, cultivate and support” is his mantra when it comes to healthy living.

Western medicine tends to focus on fixing, repairing and replacing the symptoms of disease whereas Eastern traditions take a more holistic approach at addressing the root cause of health problems.

“Healthcare costs are rising and the amount of coverage for families is decreasing. There is no better healthcare than preventative practices to keep individuals healthy and vital,” he said. Dr. Arthur Rapkin graduated from Southwest Acupuncture School and received his doctorate from the Northern Academy of Advanced Asian Medicine. He has practiced herbal medicine for 25 years and has treated over 80,000 patients. Vitality Health and Wellness (formerly the Kindo Center) is an integrated healing center located in Elm Grove, WI.


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