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Laser Therapy Pain Relief

The Pain-Relieving Power of Laser Therapy

For most of us, our vision of the modern technological world wouldn't be complete without the advent of lasers and their many uses, from industry to surgery. These days there are even lasers that convey remarkable health and wellness benefits, from "laser lipo" body contouring to natural pain relief. The latter is especially welcome for individuals struggling to recover from a recent injury or major surgery, as well as those who need help with chronic pain management. Here at Vitality Health & Wellness Center of WI, we're delighted to provide these benefits to patients just like you.

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There are many types of lasers out there, operating at different frequencies to emit different intensities of amplified light. But while a high-level surgical laser cuts through tissue, a low-level or "cold" laser simply passes right through it -- and this is the type used in laser therapy for pain relief. Our low-level laser penetrates the skin to a predetermined tissue depth corresponding to the problem that requires treatment, such as a painful joint or strained tendon. The light frequency causes the cells it reaches to step up their production of a substance called ATP, which gives the cells the energy to rebuild themselves. This can help you get over a painful injury much faster. Laser therapy can even promote repair of damaged nerves, which may help with painful conditions such as neuropathy.

How Laser Therapy in Milwaukee Works

Laser therapy relieves both acute and chronic pain through other mechanisms as well. The energy of the laser stimulates blood flow to the treatment site. This not only floods the tissues with nutrients for speedier healing, but it also allows the tissues to expel excess fluids and inflammatory substances, resulting in less pain, swelling and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effect of laser therapy (along with the the fact that it causes no harmful side effects, as drugs can) makes it an effective means of controlling chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee.

A typical laser therapy session lasts just a few minutes, and most recipients find it deeply relaxing. Multiple sessions are usually recommended to produce optimal results. But the fact that laser therapy is completely non-toxic means that you're at liberty to schedule regular laser therapy sessions as part of a personalized pain management plan. It's an easy, convenient way to control your pain, heal your wounds and enjoy optimal joint mobility -- all thanks to a beam of light!

Discover Laser Therapy at Vitality Health & Wellness Center of WI

Now that you've had this introduction to the amazing healing and pain-relieving potential of laser therapy, all that remains is for you to experience this safe, effective therapy yourself. Call Vitality Health & Wellness Center of WI at (262) 725-3225 to schedule an initial consultation with our Milwaukee health team. We can determine whether laser therapy makes sense for you and schedule your first session!


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