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Pain can be your best friend, or it can be your worst enemy. In times of acute illness or injury, pain can alert you to the need to protect yourself and/or seek medical help. In such situations, ideally your pain will fade once the underlying cause has been resolved. But sometimes the pain signals refuse to stop -- and that's when you may need to look into chronic pain management options. Here at The Vitality Health & Wellness Center of Wisconsin, our acupuncturist in Milwaukee can introduce you to safe, natural, drug-free pain management strategies.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Chronic pain presents a study in contrasts -- it may be sharp or dull, constant or recurring;  it may stay in one place or appear in various parts of the body. Some chronic pain is idiopathic, having no obvious cause. Other chronic pain may be related to an old sports injury, auto injury, or workplace injury. Degenerative joint problems such as arthritis are a common source of chronic pain, as are systemic issues such as fibromyalgia. These underlying causes may not be reversible, but the symptoms can be controlled so you can regain your quality of life -- usually without drugs or surgery.

Nutrition, Cold Laser Therapy, and Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

Our acupuncturist in Milwaukee has helped many chronic pain sufferers manage their pain through acupuncture. This time-tested healing modality interrupts the pain signals by influencing the nerve pathways that conduct them in ongoing feedback loops, breaking the cycle of discomfort. In addition to acupuncture for chronic pain, we also use variants such as homeopathic acu-point treatments and electric stimulation to tame pain signals.

Cold laser therapy is another powerful technique for combating chronic pain, especially in individuals who might prefer a needle-free treatment (although it also complements acupuncture and other pain relief methods). The laser energy passes through the skin to stimulate cellular healing, enhance circulation, and reduce pain and inflammation. Its ability to produce immediate, noticeable results makes it favorite of athletes at all skill levels (even professional racehorses).

Nutrition can play a vital role in your chronic pain management program. Poor diet allows toxins to accumulate in the body, affecting organ function in ways that may lead to chronic pain -- while weight gain aggravates chronic joint and muscle pain. Our 12-Week Weight Loss Challenges can help you eat better, shed excess pounds, and get control over your pain.

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