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When you’ve never been to a health and wellness center, you might not know what to expect. There’s paperwork to be completed and new faces to meet. From the get go, you’ll be welcomed by one of our friendly staff and be made comfortable. For your convenience, you can fill out our new patient health history form and other questionnaires right online at our website. Let us know your questions, concerns and goals. We offer a wide array of services, such as laser therapy, pain management, acupuncture, lipo fat treatments, infectious disease treatment and anti-aging plans. So, be sure to let us know how we can help you. Also, new patients can call and schedule an appointment or schedule a consultation online. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to helping your discover your personal path to health and vitality.

You’ll meet for a one-one-one consultation with Dr. Rapkin who will spend time discussing your symptoms, needs and goals. Then, he will let you know about available services to help you reduce symptoms and reach your goals. For example, if you’re experiencing chronic pain due an injury or medical condition, he may recommend acupuncture or laser therapy. The ancient therapy of acupuncture works by restoring balance to the body’s systems. Hair-thin needles are place along the body’s meridians to help free up the pathways of the nervous system. Acupuncture helps generate the release of endorphins for pain relief. In addition to pain relief, acupuncture is also effective for weight loss, healing and anti-aging. Even though acupuncture is relatively painless, some people just fear needles. Dr. Rapkin may recommend laser therapy as an alternative. Cold laser therapy helps reduce pain, quickens the healing process and increases blood flow. Concentrated wavelengths of light penetrate the layers of skin and heal on a cellular level. It’s highly effective for soft tissue injuries, arthritis, neck and back pain and fibromyalgia.

Other Services at Vitality Health & Wellness Center

If you’re seeking to lose weight, Dr. Rapkin offers a multi-faceted weight loss program to help you lose those pounds and keep them off. It may include a weight loss strategy, lipo fat treatments and even laser therapy. Vitamin B-12 treatments and herbal formulations are used to stimulate weight loss. HCG hormone supplementation will further enhance the body’s ability to release fat deposits, and lipo fat treatments will fire up the metabolism and fat burning process. Even cold laser treatments can stimulate the body’s glandular system to burn calories.

At Vitality Health & Wellness, our goal is to help you reach your goal fast. That’s why we typically integrate multiple modalities in your treatment plan. Each modality works synergistically to enhance the other for the best results. Our approach to health and wellness is both unique and holistic. Give us a call and schedule an appointment today.


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