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Welcome to Vitality Health and Wellness in Milwaukee, your home for Traditional Chinese therapies to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. Our wellness team is passionate about unlocking your body’s inner vitality and ability to heal from within. That’s why we treat the root causes for your health concerns rather than just the symptoms. Our mission is simple: to empower as many patients as possible to live a full, active and healthy life. We create optimal personal vitality to help our patients achieve true health and wellness!

Our Mission

The mission at Vitality Health and Wellness is to help as many people as we can, to relieve unnecessary suffering and create optimal personal Vitality!

Holistic Health, Drug-Free Pain Management, and Natural Weight loss

Vitality Health and Wellness is an independent consulting practice, with a highly personalized one-on-one approach to care. From the moment you enter our practice, you’ll be greeted by our warm and welcoming team and made to feel at home in our tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that promotes healing. We specialize in holistic health solutions, including acupuncture for drug-free pain management, weight loss, infertility treatments, laser therapy and anti-aging treatments. By offering comprehensive holistic care in one practice, we provide an enhanced level of service so your health needs can be met all in one place. There’s no need to schedule multiple appointments with multiple providers– the care you need is available right here.

Our treatment methods are safe, effective and drug-free. We combine the best of ancient and modern strategies, and draw upon the strengths of scientific studies, research, and treatments that have stood the test of time. The result is a highly customized approach to care that treats each individual with genuine respect. Rather than a traditional provider-patient relationship, we consider ourselves to be your partner in the journey towards better health. Together, we create a treatment plan that best meets your health needs. From our 10-day purification cleanse and natural weight loss plans to acupuncture, infertility treatments and drug-free pain management, we are here to support all aspects of your health.

Weight loss at Vitality Health and Wellness is unlike any weight loss program you have previously experienced. Our mission is to help you safely achieve your weight loss goals and give you the tools you need to maintain this weight loss for life. Our holistic weight loss starts with our 10-day cleanse and purification program that will remove toxin build up from your body and reset your body’s metabolism. Next, our wellness coaching team will work with you to create new, healthy eating patterns that nourish your body and naturally drop the pounds. We also offer HCG and nutritional supplements.

Our Health and Wellness Philosophy

  • We offer safe, effective and drug-free solutions to your healthcare.

  • Our clinic is an independent consulting practice, with highly personalized one on one care.
  • We will succeed by combining ancient and modern strategies, utilizing the strengths of scientific studies, research and treatments that have stood the test of time for thousands of years.
  • Vitality’s environment is healing in itself, our patients are welcomed with a relaxing atmosphere, to promote healing.

Getting the Help You Need in Elm Grove

If you are struggling with chronic pain, drug-free pain management solutions like acupuncture can help. Our acupuncturist Dr. Arthur Rapkin, O.M.D. L.A.C. brings more than 30 years of experience to our wellness center. Dr. Rapkin has treated over 100,000 patients and intuitively understands the best ways to use this powerful natural healing art to manage your pain and enhance your health.

Start your journey to better health today and give us a call at 262-226-2046

*The images of patients shown on this page represent patients that have gone through a full course of treatment and followed our guidelines for maintenance through lifestyle changes. Individual results will vary based on your personal condition and history.


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