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How We Can Help

At Vitality Health and Wellness, we offer a unique, holistic approach to health and wellness care. By integrating a variety of different techniques ranging from acupuncture and laser therapy to nutrition counseling and purification treatments, we create specialized treatment plans specifically tailored to meet our patient’s unique wellness needs. Whether you need assistance losing weight, healing from a sports injury or auto accident injury, or feeling more energized and healthier, our team is here to help. We are proud to be your partner on a journey towards wellness and better health!

Manage Pain Naturally, Lose Weight and Gain More Energy

Lose weight, reset your metabolize and gain more energy.

Balanced nutrition and dietary management is the foundation of good health. From weight loss to performance enhancement, what we eat makes a big difference in our body’s ability to function at its best. Today’s modern diet is based primarily on processed foods filled with unnatural ingredients. It’s no surprise that so many of us move through the day feeling sluggish and exhausted, relying on coffee or diet soda for energy. Detoxing the body is important to removing harmful toxins that build up over time and kick starting a healthier diet. Rather than relying on expensive commercial body cleanses, our wellness team offers a natural nutritional cleanse customized for your specific health needs. Our purification program will help you eliminate harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients and replace theme with whole fruits and vegetables without leaving you hungry or nutrient deficient.

Manage pain naturally without the need for medication.

Our drug-free pain management protocols combine the best of ancient therapies, like acupuncture, with cutting-edge technology, such as cold laser therapy. The holistic care options offered by our management program are a safe, viable alternative to medication. Our team has substantial experience helping patients deal with ongoing conditions, such as a sports injury or arthritis, as well as car accident injuries like whiplash. Depending on your pain management needs, we may integrate a variety of treatment options, including homeopathic acu-point treatments, cold laser therapy, electric stimulation, and nutritional supplements to activate the body’s natural healing power. Most importantly, our calming, soothing environment helps to alleviate stress for patients who are in pain.

Integrated wellness care puts patients first.

We help patients by putting their health first. Our goal is to empower all patients to take control of their health by giving them the tools they need to truly thrive. We don’t believe in “covering up” pain symptoms with medication or complex diets that rely on dangerous weight loss supplements. Our holistic approach supports a wellness lifestyle.

The Vitality Health and Wellness team has been helping patients just like you in Southeastern Wisconsin and Milwaukee for more than 30 years. By combining the best of ancient therapies and modern treatments, we help you achieve your personal health goals. Take the first step to a healthier, happier you – contact our wellness team today to schedule your appointment. Call us at (262) 725-3225.


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