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Kick-Start Your Weight Loss with the HCG Diet

If you are overweight and struggling to drop the pounds, the HCG diet may be able to help kick-start your weight loss program. The HCG diet, in conjunction with our weight loss program, helps patients lose weight quickly by stimulating the metabolism. Our HCG weight loss program is based on sound medical science. We use safe, effective HCG supplements that can kick-start your sluggish metabolism and melt off the pounds. Together with our nutritional counseling and weight loss coaching, our patients can not only lose weight but see lasting change if they maintain their new lifestyle.

Losing Weight With HCG Supplements

HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin,” a natural hormone that is produced by pregnant women to monitor metabolic function throughout pregnancy. Numerous research studies show that HCG is equally effective for stimulating the metabolism in individuals who need to lose weight. All HCG that is used for medical purposes is synthetic and created within a laboratory. Prior to beginning the HCG diet, we perform diagnostic blood work tests and a general health assessment to better evaluate a patient’s specific nutrition needs.

Our aim is to create sustainable weight by helping patients are burn fat reserves and speed up their metabolisms, rather than starving the body and shutting the metabolism down. We understand that every patient is different and what works for one patient may not work for another. That’s why in addition to our HCG supplements, our wellness center provides supplementary weight loss and nutritional counseling to support long-term weight loss success. We work with each patient to identify negative patterns of food consumption and change these patterns by replacing unhealthy foods with healthier choices.

Our HCG weight loss program is part of a long-term lifestyle change that includes new eating habits and increased activity. To make the most of HCG supplements, we recommend that patients maintain a very low calorie diet. While the caloric intake may seem low, because the body is metabolizing large amounts of fat, our patients report steady energy levels throughout the day. Most of our patients also report a natural appetite decrease accompanied by a change in eating behavior. In fact, in conjunction with our healthy diet, most patients sleep better, have more energy, and are more focused than ever before.

If you are frustrated with weight loss programs that promise big results but fail to deliver, then it’s time to choose a program built on real science and with proven results. Our HCG weight loss program works when other programs failed because our HCG program is more than a diet – it is part of a lifestyle change. Our team are able to work with you to help you cultivate real results and teach you how to maintain them in the long term.

Contact Vitality Health & Wellness Center today to schedule a personal HCG diet and weight loss consultation or visit our online workshop to learn more about modern weight loss medicine.


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