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Mindfull in Spirit

Common sense not in common practice. It is not common to feel Mindfull In Spirit.  To begin, it requires a shift of perspective. Intending to be Mindfull In Spirit is about personal choice. Whatever occurrences we draw to us, whatever hand that is dealt, it is an opportunity and a gift, for it is through these experiences that the human spirit is acknowledged and evolves. Have you ever taken a trip, perhaps out of your culture and into another? Did you spend enough time there to begin to feel differently than you have normally have felt in your customary environment?  What did you feel that was different?  Most of us have in one way or another experienced this phenomenon.  People who have had an unusual trauma or severe illness, near death or death experience such as drowning or airplane crash survivor, these acts are an opportunity to feel connected with life and death.  This gives us a new perspective. It is not necessary to have experienced tragedy to know this feeling. If you awaken to each day grateful for the opportunity to live, you will live it to the fullest. What is it to celebrate life? How can we master it before our opportunity is over?

Joy, happiness, serenity, fulfillment, compassion, health, these are the qualities of high value within our human experience. The purpose of this work is to share insights and actions, stories and experiences that may inspire others to act out their lives attuned to a higher frequency. To add years to your life and enjoyment to the years you have. to slow your rate of aging and to change our paradigm of health.  Traditionally, modern health care is about treatment of disease with drugs and surgeries.  After 25 years and more than 80,000 patient visits, I have learned that health is more than merely to fix, repair and replace.  Health has to do with what we put into our mouths, minds and hearts. Health principles are the same principles as in farming: plant, nourish, cultivate and harvest health. This is a natural law just like gravity.

I am sharing ancient secrets for modern times. I have acquired knowledge of these ancient methods through some most unusual circumstances. Some were from studying and practicing ancient rituals under the mentoring of great religious and philosophical masters. Others were from all the other gifted individuals I have had the blessing to cross paths with and learn from in this lifetime. Most came out of hard lessons from personal experience either way, it was up to me to respond. I needed to begin to think and act differently. I needed to plant, nourish, cultivate and support new beliefs and behaviors. Any personal stories I share with you  accentuate these changes of heart and the subsequent changes of thinking and action.  Understanding how our bodies and minds function requires more than the written word. Learning new practices is imperative to operate on a higher frequency.  I call them ritual practices, because through practice, these rituals will become habits and these habits will change our lives. I suggest that when beginning to practice these rituals you refrain from self-doubt or judgments.  Leave those thoughts out of the equation and certainly out of ritual practice.

Neuroscience has a subspecialty involving the study of neuroplasticity. There are scientists all over the world studying neuroplasticity. In short, this is the study of changing the way the brain functions through mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a word that encompasses our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Our perceptions, assumptions and conclusions about our lives and ourselves affect our health and ultimately the health of everyone within our sphere of influence including not only our family and friends, but the entire community. Being Mindfull In Spirit will enhance your health and increase your chances of living a longer, radiantly enjoyable life.

Mindfulness is achieved through planting thoughts and cultivating them into beliefs through intentional thinking. The result is changing the brain through retraining the mind. Changing our thoughts and feelings affect our mental, emotional and physical health through the messages delivered by the brain.

This really is about change. Change for the betterment of you and those who surround you. Planting new beliefs, nourishing new perceptions, cultivating habits and supporting actions that result in the Mindfullness In Spirit Way.

The 3 Cs

I call them the 3cs, I like to keep things simple. Being simple is easier for me to retain my focus.

  1. Caring What do we really care about? Whats important to us?
  2. Committment What are we willing to committ to for personal growth?
  3. Contribution How will we contribute to others?



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