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Are Your Ready for Our Summer Weight Loss Special?

Are Your Ready for Our Summer Weight Loss Special?

Milwaukee weight loss special for summer.jpgSummer is coming -- which means increased efforts to saying good-bye to extra weight. Fortunately, our nutritionist at Vitality Health & Wellness Center just might have exactly what you need. We are offering a Summer Weight Loss Special to help you get into shape (and into that new swimsuit).

The special includes:

Fat-burning injections - You will receive two fat-burning injections that combine B6, B12 and B-complex vitamins with a potent blend of amino acids. These injections aid the digestive processes, support detoxification and fat transport, and generally help your body rid itself of unhealthy fat.

Acupuncture treatment - Your body's central nervous system controls all your physical functions, including metabolic and hormonal balances -- and a sluggish metabolism promotes weight gain. Acupuncture applied to specific points on the body can help "reset" your metabolism by normalizing your thyroid, adrenal and pituitary hormone levels so can attain your desired weight more efficiently and then keep yourself at that weight.

Laser treatment - Did you know that laser technology can help you shed pounds faster? We can direct a beam of harmless, painless laser light to penetrate your skin and accelerate your body's normal fat burning processes, just as if you were working out. It is almost like a form of virtual liposuction.

Hypnotherapy - This proven form of therapy has helped people change their attitudes and behaviors so they can change their lives, from smoking cessation to weight loss. We include a hypnotherapy session to help you stick to your diet program and embrace new healthy living habits for life.

A Sneak Peak at Our Diet Program for Summer

This summer special is an easy, affordable way to introduce yourself to our nutritionist and our advanced fat-burning methods. If you want to look good and feel even better just in time for swimsuit season, go to the Weight Loss Special page in our website's New Patient Center and fill out the signup form today.

What is your motivation to lose weight quickly? 


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