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Pain Treatment, Not Pain Management

Pain Treatment, Not Pain Management

Elm Grove Clinic offers Pain Treatment, not Pain Management

Pain can be debilitating and consequently, decrease your mobility and dramatically affect your quality of life. Traditional medicine seeks to manage the pain which may bring some relief in the short term, but it never addresses the root of the problem so the pain returns. At Vitality Health & Wellness we believe that you don’t have to live with pain and we offer some of the most effective pain treatment methods available.

Pain Management

Man suffering from chronic back pain conditions.Pain management often involves invasive surgery or medications with unpleasant and often harmful side effects. However, the bigger picture is that pain management rarely addresses the problem, only the symptom. The process involves the consistent treatment of symptoms with pills and does not seek to address the cause of the pain. So when the drugs wear off, the pain returns.

Dangers of Pain Management Methods

Drugs are a significant part of most pain management methods. These involve pain killers and opioids, schedule II drugs that are so addictive and potentially dangerous that they must be controlled. It is estimated that 2.1 million Americans have an opioid related substance use disorder. While most states have laws in place to govern how doctors prescribe these narcotics, addiction does still happen – and it happens often. As one takes a drug over time, their body builds a tolerance for it. In response to this, the doctor prescribes stronger and stronger dosages.

Pain Treatment in Elm Grove

The pain treatment that we do does not involve expensive, addictive drugs or dangerous surgery. It focuses on the cause of the problem and the person, not just the symptoms. By using techniques such as acupuncture, homeopathic acu-point injections, cold laser, and electric stimulation, combined with food supplements and herbs, we can help restore the patient who is suffering from pain. We will address the cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms in order to help patients not only relieve their pain, but return to a pain free life.


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